Crucial Numerological Numbers Exposed

Wed, Jan 26, 2011

The fact is that the numerological numbers, established by designating a number to each letter of an particular individual's name as well as the day of birth it appears on the birth certificate, are exclusive to each and every man or women. Essentially, numerological numbers are computed by using the sum of these numbers and combining them in a multitude of ways. Commonly, they are then interpreted and displayed in a numerology report. However, with proper education and intelligence you can do this yourself.

A complete numerology report can at the outset appear somewhat confusing as it may likely contain information created from a variety of numerological numbers combinations, allowing you to look very deep into your heart and soul.

Expertise in numerology is not unlike becoming a specialist in any subject. The more skilful you become in using the tools at hand, in the matter of numerology, numbers, the better you will become in conquering the skill, or interpreting the numbers. The deeper the knowledge you have about each number's emblematic meaning, the better you will become at analyzing and predicting outcomes using numerological numbers.

If numerology is new to you, do not get frustrated. Slow it down. If you hit a brick wall, re-group, and do some fact find until you find the answer. There are 4 crucial numerological numbers that are of primary importance. Following is a brief overview:

Life Path Number:

Commonly called the Life Number, the Life Path Number is considered by numerologists to be the most significant of all numerological numbers. Typically, it guides and routes you throughout your life, and does this by exposing hidden capabilities, qualities, skills, and talents which you may not know you hold. The calculation is just the sum of the numbers in your date of birth.

For example, a person born on August 6, 1957, would have a Life Path Number of 1. (8+6+1+9+5+7=37,  3+7=10, 1+0=1)

Birth Day Number:

As the name indicates, the Birth Day Number is extracted from your date of birth and is computed by adding the numbers of that day. In our example, the Birth Day Number is 6, (0+6). This number specifies your traits and will generally disclose your most evident quality, the trait that your closest friends recognize. Although it is normally thought to be the least significant of the numerological numbers, once you identify this unique attribute, you can use it to attain great success.

Destiny Number:

Also known as your Expression or Potential Number, can be regarded as a movie of your life which exposes you life's objective or spiritual mission. This numerological number provides a road map of your life's quest from beginning to finish. If you discover how to tap into it, it will display signs like caution, halt, and proceed which will allow you foresee trouble ahead, or possibilities which lie in the future. It provides you with some control over your fate in life. The Destiny Number is calculated by adding each number assigned to your full name and coming up with a single digit.

Heart's Desire Number:

Frequently known as your Soul or Soul Urge Number, drills more intensely into your name and is computed by adding the numerological numbers correlated with the vowels only. This number is somewhat silent but very potent. When you develop the capacity to hear this number, it will always force you towards toward the things which are closest to you heart.

Author : Crystal R. Jansen
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