Most Popular Types of Serving Trays for All Occasions

Wed, Nov 02, 2011

When it comes to proper food and drink service, it is essential to have a reliable serving tray to use. Even with both hands, you cannot carry as much as trays are capable of. Even if you dare to try, the whole serving process would be difficult, time-consuming and totally inappropriate for any occasion. For proper food and drinks handling or management, finding the right serving trays would be an advantage.

There are several types of trays available for you to hire or purchase. Most party hire companies can offer you with a vast selection of trays that you can view and browse in order to find a potential match for an occasion that you plan to host. But in order to find the best option, you should be aware of the different types of trays that you can use.

In most occasions or venue, you may have seen trays of different shapes and sizes. Among these, tray round and tray oval are frequently used. But other than shapes and sizes, you can also categorize serving trays in terms of purpose.

Decorative serving trays are the most popular types especially when it comes to hosting important events and functions. There are a lot of decorative trays that are made of different materials including plastic, glass and metal. This would be perfect for serving salad and desserts. You can simply put this on top of the table as if you are using stylish platters.

If you have noticed in most parties, there is what we call tiered trays. This may have multiple levels of trays that normally come in large sizes. This type of serving tray usually serves as a centerpiece that you can use for serving fruits, cookies and other pastries. In order to maximize its effect, you must find the best location for it.

In terms of material, there are plastic, wooden and silver serving trays. These commonly have round or rectangular shapes. Plastic serving trays are normally used in restaurants for serving food and drinks. It is best for this type of setting because these are usually lightweight and easy to carry. Wooden serving trays, on the other hand, are less common but are more decorative than the other types. These are commonly seen in coffee houses.

For catering services, silver and stainless steel serving trays are mostly preferred. These types have an elegant appearance that is perfect for any occasion. These are easy to clean and it requires minimal maintenance only. Belonging to this type is the tray round (stainless steel or non slip) of party hire Melbourne.

Being aware of the different types of serving trays will allow you to effectively meet the needs of your guests through the provision of excellent food and drinks service.

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